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North Highlands Overview

As you travel around the far north of Scotland you’ll be able to explore a wide range of areas – from historic towns to dramatic and remote wilderness. From the cavernous dark depths of Smoo Cave at Durness to the exhilarating hairpin bends of the ‘Pass of the Cattle’ over the mountains to Applecross, and from the towering sea-stacks at Duncansby to the dolphins leaping off the coasts of the Black Isle, the northern Highlands is thrilling and designed to leave a big impression. It is a land of escape – a place to discover the wonders of the natural world amid one of the most dramatic landscapes in Europe. The area has a long human heritage, starting with archaeological gems such as the Grey Cairns of Camster and passing through 5000 years of Pictish, Viking, and Gaelic history. There is so much to treasure here for those who love wildlife, adventure and the great outdoors.

There is plenty for foodies, too. With its abundance of fertile land, clear water and fresh air, this part of Scotland boasts a natural gourmet larder. Its seafood and fish – lobster, shellfish, wild salmon, trout and smoked specialities – are renowned the world over. Thanks to an ever-expanding air service and a comprehensive rail and ferry network, the area can be travelled in comfort, and drivers will often find that they have many of the roads away from the busier centres to themselves – apart from the odd sheep. Few places in the world offer such a wealth and diversity of natural beauty, activities and attractions.


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